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Common questions and answers about our beats

Do you offer exclusive rights?

Exclusive rights can be available under certain conditions for certain beats. If you are interested in a beat from the store exclusively please get in touch. We also offer custom/bespoke beats which may be an alternative option if the particular beat isn’t available on an exclusive basis.

What’s an unlimited license?

After looking at the beat lease market we realised how convoluted and confusing it can be with so many arbitrary limitations on a lot of licenses such as 5000 streams, 1 radio station etc. From the buyers side what happens when such limits are reached and from the producers side how is it even policed? To mitigate the confusion we decided it would be best to only offer unlimited licenses which allow you to stream and sell unlimited copies of your songs. You can view full licence terms here

What’s the difference between your basic, pro and ultimate licenses?

All of our paid licences are identical in terms of what you can do with your recorded songs. They are only differentiated by the files you receive. With the basic licence the beat comes as a 320kbps mp3 file, you get a 48khz 24bit wav with the pro license, and you get all of the above plus the individual stems/trackouts with the ultimate licence. View full pricing options here

What are stems/trackouts and why do I need them?

The trackouts give you each individual element of a beat as it’s own 48khz 24 bit wav file (eg kick, snare, piano, bass etc). By having the trackouts it gives your engineer more control in the mix stage of the song to get a balanced mix that works with your vocal. It also gives you more flexibility in the arrangement of the song.

Do your beats have headroom?

Yes. Our paid beats have nothing on the master bus and aprox -6db of headroom to give plenty of space for you to record your vocals over.

Why do other producers charge half what you do for basic licenses?

This may be true on the surface however once you look at the small print you see a lot of limitations on the licenses such as 5000 streams or limitations on how many songs you can sell. All our licenses are unlimited so they are actually either on par or better value than others.

What’s the random m4a version of the beat that came with my files?

Our paid beats are provided with nothing on the master bus and -6db of headroom. This is great for recording but however can be a little quiet for general listening. The m4a gives you a louder version of the beat that you can play anywhere at a standard volume level.

Don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for? Then please get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help.