Welcome to Epithet Music. I’m Chisomo K. a music producer, artist and all round creative. Epithet Music is the avenue through which I freely express the musical notions of my existence. I consider it to be a scintillating spectrum of soulful sounds; a reflection of the jazz chords and a swinging grooves I fell in love with very early, the first instance of which was upon hearing Baduizm at the age of 8.

So taking us to the present day, with 15 years production experience under my belt, why Epithet? Well essentially we are busy categorising music and giving it so many labels but for me music is beyond that, music is a feeling. Epithet Music is about escaping the labels and focusing on the feeling. Label it as you will but it is what is. It Is Music!

Check out our latest releases to get an idea of the Epithet Music sound and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to do some work. And if you’re still not convinced then here’s what my collaborators have to say about working together.


How can I describe working with Epithet Music? Life changing, to collaborate with a producer that not only understands your sound but also your vision. When they say ‘why?’ he says ‘why not?’ Flexible enough to work around you, knowledgable enough to suggest new things to bring you out of your comfort zone. Humble enough to listen to you and respect your artistry, “You’re the boss”.

My songs are my babies and Chisomo (Epithet Music) handled them delicately. Whether it was ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ or ‘Born a Dream’, songs that I was heavily protective over and emotionally attached to the instrumentals I had previously written to, or ‘Sound’ and ‘Sumthin To Say’ songs that I wrote to his pre-made beats, it came together seamlessly.

As it relates to the actual process of recording, without unfounded or harsh criticism he fairly assesses the quality of the performance, the passion, the warmth and not just the cold technicalities.

We worked together like chefs carefully crafting to ensure the end product is ‘delicious’. I was and will always be 100% comfortable to let go and do what I love in collaboration with Epithet Music. I feel lucky to have found or been found by such a soulful, talented, artist who has helped make my musical dreams become a reality.